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    3. Add: 500m far from south of Jiaocheng Economic Development Park, Shanxi Prov.,China.
      Telephone exchange: +86-358-3576366
      Marketing Dep.: +86-358-3521713
      /3521715 / 3526130
      Purchase Dept.: +86-358-3526201
      Fax: +86-358-3521716

      Other pharmaceutical & fine chemical intermediate

      α -Methyl glucoside
      Product name: α -Methyl glucoside
      CAS No.: 97-30-3
      Molecular formula: C<sub>7</sub>H<sub>14</sub>O<sub>6</sub>
      Molecular weight: 194.18
      Useing: As a new type of non-ionic surface active agent,widely used as an important ingredient in detergent, cosmetics,food,medicine, drilling fluids,resin and coading.
      Package: 25kg/bag or according to customer requirements
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